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Feedback and testimonials

This is real and verifiable feedback from our clients.  We only publish select testimonials with permission, and while some clients allowed us to publish their real names, many others have not, for privacy reasons.  If you would like to contact any of these clients, please send us an email, telling which one you want to contact, and we will forward it to the appropriate client. We cannot guarantee a response, but many of the guys are willing to help out. Testimonials published here apply to this site and our sister company Natasha Club.  


2012-05-15   yassiro555   

I am the happiest man on the Earth! Thanks Dear Natashaclub for that wonderful moments when I met her, my wife Diana Chugueva. I have never meet such a great person before! We spent a wonderful time together in over Italy and found out that we could not live without having each other in own live. she is is very happy, positive and amazing person!

A lot of things did catch me at the first meeting. I was very surprised when started thinking about her every day, every minute.

Firstly it was strong sympathy between us while correspondence thought the site Natashclub. When we meet firstly she was joking around and telling me about her life. Asking so many questions about my. She became such a good friend for me.

I realized at once that she would be my wife and exactly this woman I had been looking for a long time. That time she knew only Russian language. But with our attempts we found common languages, started talking to each other with help of on-line translator then found out that I could understand her completely without any words we say!

At 07/02/ 2012 we had a wedding in Venezia town, We gathered only close people of the family.noww really we live in a crazy love forever.

thank you natashaclub for your help.

Yassir and Diana


It often happens when life brings us surprises. They can be both positive and negative. But today I will not talk about negative things. I will not tell any fairy tales. But I will tell you about reality, real positive story of my life. I have kept it in my heart almost for a year. And maybe I was a little bit superstitious because I was afraid to tell about it even to my close friends. But now I am ready to talk about this, to share my happiness with others who believe they can find their partner through dating agencies, those who are suspicious about this and those who don’t trust at all such way of dating. But the site “” helped me and my beloved Edward to find each other and connect our hearts.
So, our story started about one year and a half ago. We started our correspondence and it lasted for about half a year. Edward showed me his kind and quiet personality through letters. I was touched by his always nice words about me, by the way he expressed himself and shared his dreams and wishes. And finally we made a decision to meet. I must admit that both of us were quite nervous despite we were rather mature people and had rather big experience in life. So, date and time for our first meeting has come. And we have finally seen each other. Edward presented me beautiful flowers and we went to one quiet restaurant, to talk and find out that we wish to develop our relations and grow closer. I do not remember how much time we spent together during the first date because time passed by and we could not notice it. We were concentrated only on each other. Edward behaved like real gentleman, he was very attentive to me and we could discuss many different questions which we have not talked about in letters. And so, Edward gave me another present and it was woman’s watch. He showed me another one, totally the same but man’s watch on his hand. Since that time those watches became a strong bond between us, the symbol of our family as during his third coming Edward presented the same watch for my mother and my father. I could only dream about such man as he could easily become great friends with my little daughter. He knew how to win her heart. He spoiled her with presents and he knew how to behave with little kids. They always had lots of fun. My daughter always wanted to have a father. And after some time she could see her father in Edward. I am so thankful to my fate, to God that we were able to meet with Edward. After the first meeting, we had many other meetings as Edward could come back to Ukraine just in few months after his first trip and since that time we decided to build a family, we started making fiancée visa for me. And Edward could do everything possible to help me with visa application. So, now our visa is in process and we are waiting for it. We continue working on our relations. We miss each other being in such a long distance. But Edward is going to come soon again and for now we keep in touch via Internet getting closer and closer and making our family relations stronger and stronger.
So, this is my happy story and probably it will help at least in some way other people to believe in this way of dating and find their partners.
Thank to this site and to the agency which helped my dream to become true.






I registered at in 2009 out of curiosity. It was fun and interesting but I didn’t expect anything special. One day I received a smile from Jamilia. She was beautiful and gifted; it was exiting to communicate with her via the agency. Natashaclub offers translating service, and that was a good support for our communication. I wanted to see Jamilia in person so I took vacation and went to the distant land, The Kyrgyz Republic. We spend five days together and on the fourth day I proposed to her and she accepted. It was an exciting and happy moment. The following year, she came to my country, and we married after a few months. Our love story was possible thanks to Natashaclub agency and their staff.




I am the happiest woman on the Earth! Thanks Dear Natashaclub for that wonderful moment when I met him, my husband Stinfors. I have never meet such a great person before! We spent a wonderful time together in Nikolayev and  found out that we could not live without having each other in own live. He is very happy, positive and amazing person!
A lot of things did catch me  at the first meeting. I was very surprised when started thinking about him every day, every minute.
Firstly it was strong sympathy between us while correspondence thought the site Natashclub. When we meet firstly he was joking around and telling me about his life. Asking so many questions about my. He became such a good friend for my son, Vlad.

I realized at once that He would be my husband and exactly this man I had been looking for a long time. That time he knew only Danish, I didn’t know his native language at all. I was born in a small town on the south of Nikolayev. I have been working for many years at local school, I am teacher of English. But with our attempts we found common languages, started talking to each other with help of on-line translator then found out that I could understand him completely without any words we say!

At 30th of December 2010 we had a wedding in my native town, Nikolayev, We gathered only close people of the family.  At the recent time we are preparing  all necessary documents for visa and now already I  have  passport for my new surname Anna Hemmingsen

With love, Anna and Stenfors Hemmingsen


Elena and Miller Gomez from Stockholm, Sweden
We met on this site and very fast decided to meet in the real life. Now we very very happy have been leaving together!
It was my Christmas present, Miller came to Ukraine to celebrate with me and family and then we took a plane and left together to Sweden. Now every week I attend local school, there I learn Swedish language, it is not easy but I try my best)) Every year we take long month vacation and come back to Ukraine to visit my family and friends. My future husband is the best! He is very kind-hearted, such a caring, attentive to me and sweet. I am a really lucky girl to meet him in my life and be happy with!
Now we are engaged and preparing for future wedding. At the same month we met on the internet, we made our friends meet also: Kate from Nikolayev and Miller’s friend- Dario from Stockholm.
Life is so unpredictable but if you really want something… it happens for sure!

Keep looking for your Love!!!!  Never give up!

Elena and Miller


This is a video testimonial by our client from Norway, Morgan Nenseths. He met his wife on one of our websites, "Love Lab":

Player here


Subject: RE: You've got new mail on
Date: 2011-02-17 21:03:11

Mr. Boldyrev,
This why I am a member of your site! Your people are the very best in customer
service, and are always mindful of the things that are not always on the up & up!
You listen to everything a customer has to say, and never fail to give any inquiry
or complaint your prompt and undivided attention! I believe that Natasha
is the VERY BEST the world wide web has to offer!
As an individual member, you have my thanks, and my gratitude for your excellent
customer care!
With respect,
Jim, AKA AntiquitusMaximus


Sent: Wednesday, February 09, 2011 12:17 AM

Subject: for testimonial page

i am a member in many companys like yuo . but will say you are the best without any question, so high i have ever seen- and your ladies can be miss world all of them- i have at 35 sides and not found anything but wonderfull girls. im proud to be member.
i cant chose among them im dizzy. i will congratulate yoo to the best site with a doubt. greetings from john

john soderberg


Sent: Sunday, August 22, 2010 2:58 AM
Subject: Summary of Ukrainian Visit

Hello Greg,

I wish to tell you about my trip to Vinnitsa, Ukraine, from 8/13 to 8/20 when I had planed to meet Olga […]. There were several goals for this trip.

• Get to Kiev safely
• Meet translator and take taxi to Vinnitsa and check into a pre-arranged apartment
• Meet Olga and learn if there was good chemistry between us
• Tour some interesting sites in Vinnitsa
• Enjoy local food (and not get sick)
• Return to Kiev as scheduled and into a hotel
• Return to America safely

Greg, this trip was successful ! I accomplished all necessary things. Olga did not find chemisrty between us, and I sensed this by the end of the second day we were together. But to find a wife, was not one of the true goals. It would have been pleasant if this had occured, but it did not. Olga made a decision on the fourth day to not see me again, and this forced a drastic change of my plans. Where I had planned to spend 7 days with Olga and tour interesting sites, I now had 3 days extra. I want to say that the Vinnitsa branch of your agency came to the rescue. I cannot express how caring and professional your staff was. Manager Irina […] made arrangements for a change in my travel plans and accomodations, scheduled a hotel in Kiev for evening prior to my plane departure, allowed me to use email, and arranged for special transportation. In some situations a man on such a visit could become stranded in a strange land, hundreds of miles from an airport, where English is not spoken, and this could become a big problem very quickly !

My true savior in this experience was your translator/interpreter, Inna […]. She cared about my situation. She provided time to accompany me on a museum tour, and the business of getting and exchanging money, and telephone cards. While she was paid by me for her time, I think she did this out of true caring, and not simply for the money. 

Greg, I would recommend to any man who plans to visit a Russian, Ukrainian or other ex-soviet nation woman to use your agency. If the "lady" fails to show, or disappears, or is not helpful, your agency is there so that the man is not stranded.I cannot overstate the value of having a life-line in a strange country. So, if I can offer advice to any of your men clients, I would be happy to recommend your service, and would talk with any man by email or phone to give him advice.

I am professional engineer, and I appreciate attention to detail. I am copying Irina on the email, and offer a sincere "thank you" to her for the effort specifically for me, over and above normal agency work. Your website, describes your company as "real people" who are available to assist with problems to provide personal service. I can say this is very accurate.

While I do not plan to make such an adventure again, I am happy and satisfied with my experience with your match-making service. Feel free to use/edit any part of this as an endorsement.

Thank you, especially to the Vinnitsa staff,

Burl Jones


Leon  1000249219

I think you are all doing a great service for all that is trying to find their soul mates abroad. Wonderful because everyone needs love! Thanks to you I have found mine. Keep up the good work.
I have found my second half and wife . Now I move to Ukraine and we have wonderful family! I would definately recommend the site to my friends.

Tatyana 1000230613

I liked Leon’s letters from the beginning. I could tell that he was a good and kind man, one that I had long dreamed to meet. When I registered on the website, I didn’t believe at first that there would be results, but my hope was strong, and now we are together. I would like to thank the website and tell all the girls that they have to keep trying and looking, and then they will surely find their man. I wish everyone the kind of luck I’ve had )))



Sent: Tuesday, May 11, 2010 3:45 PM
Subject: Re: procedures
I would like to take this chance to exprese my sicere gratitute and appreciation.  I have been in business most of my life from customer service, sales to security and have not seen to many business have a service as yours.
Your approach to customer service is excelent and humain. I think many service oriented companies in my country should take a few lesson on customer service from yourself.
I plan on taking a trip to the Ukrain in early August (I hope you have nice weather during that month) to see Anna.  If you ever would like something special from my country let me know I would be please to pick it up for you.
If you ever decide to come to my country I would be please to meet you and thank you in person and at the sametime u my door is always open so you have place to stay while you are here.  You have my coordinates in your system.
If you wish to use this little note of appreciation and post it in your system I have no objections. 
 Your friend from Canada



date Mon, Apr 26, 2010 at 2:38 AM

subject giving_thanks_for_you

Hi super agency!

Allow me to thank you very much for your such super job,that you help not only all lonely little hearts but me also by! Thanks a lot from the bottom of my heart.:-))) I appreciate you so much!!!

Sincerely yours,Stanislav Ben(stanleyben)



Sent: Wednesday, April 21, 2010 5:25 PM

Subject: Re: support request from - acknowledgement and thanks

Dear Mr Yarmosh,

You recently replied to my query about releasing membership contact details. I am writing to thank for your reply which was clear, comprehensive, and which finally resolved my question.  Your response was detailed, analytical and professional.  While I still think that the implications of Terms and Conditions could be made unequivocally clearer by minor revisions in wording, I am now nevertheless in no further doubt about the legal situation as a result of your reply, for which I thank you.  If you wish to publish any part of this letter as a testimonial, or if you wish to contact me for a similar purpose, I shall be happy to put on record that your written response and clarification is of a very high standard.  Thank you.


David Sutherland




Sent: Sunday, March 21, 2010 7:48 AM
Subject: RE: Message from Love Lab moderator

Actually, I like your service very much and this is why I have spent hundreds of dollars so far to use the Expedite Correspondence" program. YOU are the only dating site that offers this and it is a very good idea since I have found that so so many of the girls on these sites are working for their agencies. I complement you on allowing us to write five replies to the girls that write to us to determine if they are serious or not, and I find your service very good. I give you a very honest complement and I have tried most all other sites.

Thank you
P Rosenberg




From: Geary Trigleth

Sent: Friday, March 05, 2010 10:32 AM

To: Vasiliy Savkin

Subject: Re: report prepared at NatashaClub site


Thank you so much for your prompt response and assistance. I enjoy your services and site and compliment the efficiency and strategy of the functionality of the site and services supported! I truly feel your attempt to support the members and strategically protect all involved to meet your business needs and empower the site members to employ there powers of there needs is very efficient and effective! I truly appreciate the services rendered and hope to maintain a continual working relationship in the future. My appreciation!





2010-02-23   wazza    FSU girls


I wanted give feedback on ladies on this site

I have been on various websites for girls from FSU since 2000

I have never been under any illusions about difference in cultures but for society that has been under such rapid change women of any age in

FSU are just best women in world..even than my own and that is compliment.I think Europe is ready for another generation wonderful young women and it will be shame if more men arent attracted to them for their love education wit and determination to succeed in life

this website agency reflects greater chance these ladies have to succeed in their life by meeting foreign men and invigorating world to become better place

1st International I honour your goodness and dedication to these ladies




Hi Greg,
I want to give a testimonial for your site. When I asked you to remove my profile I told you that I found someone in Colombia. That's not true. The girl who stole my heart lives in Ukraine and I just wanted to keep it for myself for a while untill things were all fine. I've doubt your site many time, since it's not the most cheapest. I also can say that I met some dissapointments, but that's something which can happen on every dating site. Things that upset me the most were girls who ask for money immediately fter exchanging 15 letters or just dissapear. I'm sure you're familiar with those stories. That way everything gavena negative image, but after reconsidering things and having some patience, I know some  of the girls really have difficulties to write outside the local agencies but their intentions are good.

Now that I look back and just got my valentines present from my princess in Ukraine it seems that there are still serious interested girls and I've even seen her do things to supprise me that I never expected from any girl. Of course I can't predict the future but most people always hope to find the right one. For me this feels right.

I've read many thing about you and your partner Art. The most negative things were mentioned on the site of "honest Jim" (I think you know why I put that between quotes). I can't make a judgement on his or someone else's experience, but one thing I know is that you and the customer service always did their best to help me.

The only advice I can give you (and I know it's hard on a site with 1000's of accounts is, but a lot of reputation depends on it.) Try to keep your head up against scam. Not only on your site, but also on Dutch and other international sites it's starting to grow.


I wish you very good luck in the future with your site and I will recommend people who are looking for a sweet and honest FSU girl to consider visiting it.

Kind regards,


Former member.



2009-08-18 nigel007  online customer support

can I just say how impressed I was in using your customer support. Very quick response, and problem instantly sorted. Thank you, nigel007



Thank you for your service

I have found the woman of my dreams. Her name is Natalia and I am so much in love with her. We plan to be married as soon as we can make the plans for her to move with me. I want to thank you for this site and for giving me the chance to find my soulmate.

Warm Regards,




Dear mr. Yarmouth.

I just got home from Odessa on the first of hopefully many visits, I thank you and your company for your very big help in this, especially the local agent Nataliya and interepreter Natascha was very helpfull, I had a few communicationproblems prior to going there, but your staff was very helpfull with making this happen anyway, Natascha the interpreter was very proffesionel and excellent in english, and very helpfull in everything, and became a friend for both me and Anna who I met there, we both agreed that we trust her very much, which is important when talking in sensitive areas, and we both hope that she will be there for our next meetings in the future, she really did put in a lot of effort to make this a great experience, more like a friend than a hired hand.

So thank you for your help, I will recommend you business, to anyone that asks.


Morten Hansen "litronic"

P.s. feel free to use this email on your site



Dear Vasiliy Savkin,

Thank you for your incredible customer service.  I could not be happier with your company. In all aspects you have shown remarkable customer care.  I have owned businesses all of my life (from a lemonade stand at 5 years old :)) and have always strived to care for my customers on the level that you have achieved.  I can not put into words how impressed and personally thankful I am for your generosity.  Please let me know if there is a way to reimburse you through credits or western union, etc.   You delivered  this at  your own expense and Kate expressed her deep appreciation especially for the personal gift.  And the photos are a gift!  This would not have been possible if it were not for your kindness.  I am simply beyond  words.

Thank you,




From: bruce clymer
Sent: Saturday, February 28, 2009 4:47 AM
Subject: Re: You order accepted




From: "David Lench" <>
Sent: Wednesday, February 18, 2009 3:02 PM








I love my Christoffer!


My name is Natalie! and i want to say a big thanx to this website! Ive finally found my love and its really true love!

Thank you a lot! You do great work helping ppl to find each other!



Hey there LOVESSA,

This is Drmonty. I just joined the site a few days ago, and posted only 4 photos. As you can see, MY INBOX IS PACKED UP ALREADY. I'm absolutely surprised !!!!!

WHAT A GREAT SITE..... A basically FREE site that introduces some really great people from all over the world. HOW COOL.

I am appreciative of the HIGH CALIBUR of women that are responding to my profile. Since I am in the search for my life long relationship girl, this site certainly does present me with some fantastic choices......




Hi Gregory,

Can I just thank you for everything you have done. Please also send my thanks to whoever arranged my flower delivery as well as Victoria's agency for such a prompt service! When I ordered them Sunday night I never expected Victoria to get then on Monday. I also appreciate passing on my request for the red and white roses.

I know it must be difficult with all the requests you get from guys all over the world, but I just want to express my sincere gratitude for getting everything right with my order. From all the photo's the quality of the roses looks fantastic! It is so good to get just more than one picture and when I got 5, I thought Christmas had come early for me...:-)

Best regards,



I want to also share great news I found the one I have searched for her ID 1000050913 we are happy and starting the long jouney togehter and its wonderful she told me where her family lives and it's same area i grew up as a child here in USA how much of a miracle to find ach other with that link to us

You are all my best friends and without you none of this was possible my heart goes out to you all and thank you deeply and truly

Will you post it for eveyone to see I want to tell whole world


Dear Mr. Yarmosh:

I acknowledge receipt of your email dated 13 July 2008. I appreciate your decision to refund me the total amount claimed for 'unsatisfactory letter contents' from ladies Id's reported to you.

Thank you and I feel very hapy with your Policy REFUND WARRANTY; I will also be happy to recommed your website for all those seeking for their PERFECT RUSSIAN/UKRANIAN woman as a wife. I authorize you to use my comments if you wish, in your website as a satisfied MEMBER of

Thanks a lot, now I feel very confident with your services!

Ramon Gonzalez - latinomanaustralia50




Please cancel my account immediately -- MonteUSA.  Thanks to 1st International, I have found my soul mate on your site!

Thanks again,

Monte Parsons

Bourbonnais, Illinois



Dear Gregory,
Thanks for your quick response. I deal with AFA and Anastasia a lot but mostly your company. You have always provided the best customer service of anybody.
Gary Riggs


Dear 1st-international team,

I had the greatest doubts when I first came to your website, having heard about scammers and having a scam tried on me by a Russian woman who contacted me on a German dating site. What added to this was a message two weeks after I enlisted from a man who has a profile on this site too, saying that women withdrew after he had exchanged 15 messages with them and received their contact data.

I have to say though that you treated the messages expressing my concerns that I wrote with great patience and in a very professional way. Meanwhile I have returned from a trip to Russia and the Ukraine. I met several women and they are all real, the data in the profiles are accurate and they are serious about finding a partner. Amongst them was someone who I really liked and we are now planning our future together.

I would also like to say this to all other men looking for a partner on this site: I heard stories about men writing messages forever but never showing any interest in meeting women personally, and I also heard stories about men being totally unrealistic in regard to the age of the partner they are looking for.
I can only say this: These are the most wonderful women I have ever met, everyone was lovely, kind, charming and warmhearted in her own special way. Please, treat them with the greatest respect and with dignity, they deserve it!

Good luck to everyone,


P.S. Please feel free to use this as a reference on your site!


Dear Art,

I DID indeed meet a beautiful girl through your great web site from the Northern city of Vologda. We are happily married and crazy in love. Thankyou very much and may you continue your excellent work in helping people meet and form wonderful relationships.

God Bless,
Vic & Ksenia



In this day and age with the rapid pace of life in the world, meeting and getting to know people can be very difficult. When I finally decided that I had to ‘break out’ of my past dating patterns that had only lead to meaningless relationships, I did something that shocked my family and friends. Not only did I turn to the internet to look for that person that would become my second half, I took the extreme step of looking for someone from a different country.
The reasons that I did this were many but the primary one was because I was looking for someone that possessed ‘old fashioned’ values that I felt were lacking in most of the ‘available’ women of my age group here in America. This is not to say that America does not have women with the ‘old fashioned’ values that I was looking for, only that those who did were married and therefore unavailable. So I turned to one of the many countries that I knew had a surplus of beautiful women, a lot of whom did possess these ‘old fashioned’ values. For once in my life I have to say thank you to the old Soviet Union for isolating the many countries that were once members. This isolation has proved to have a time capsule effect on their people. Traveling to and meeting the people of these countries is like traveling back 30 or 40 years in terms of personal values.
So, that is the reason that I decided to look in places other then America for my bride. I work with computer systems on a daily basis so I know there are many predatory web sites out there that only want your hard earned money and will give you nothing in return. So I did a great deal of research and the one website/agency that I could find absolutely no complaints about was The fact that I could not find complaints made 1st International stand out like a beacon in the murky waters of the internet ocean. I decided to look at the women listed on their website only to quickly realize that their choices are so large (currently over 35,000!!!) that I was going to need help. That help turned out to be the search engine that is provided on their website. It is first rate and quickly helped me find women who met the very specific (age, height, weight, children, etc.) criteria that I entered. Still, the list was very large but now much more manageable. I finally narrowed my list down to 4 women (1 Ukrainian, 2 Russian and 1 Bulgarian) and I purchased their contact information.
I decided to use a little good advice from the 1st International website and some others that I had visited and I had my initial letter translated into Russian (the common language of all the women that I chose). Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised when, within one week, I received 3 replies to my initial letter. I continued to correspond with the 3 women over the next couple of months until I finally narrowed my choice down to one lady in Kiev, Ukraine named Alena.
Alena and I continued corresponding over the next few months (letters and phone calls – her English skills were better then my Russian, still this made for some very funny misstatements) and I came to the conclusion that this was a lady that I just had to meet in person. Without the aid of any agency I arranged a trip to Kiev for a week to spend some time with this person who somehow I had developed a connection with through the many emails and a few phone calls. By the way, in hind sight I would not advise anyone to arrange a solo trip like this. I took a very large leap of faith, had a lot of luck and was successful. But, I could also just as easily failed completely and ended up in a lot of trouble stuck in a foreign country with no assistance at all. When using an agency to arrange the meetings you will have a very extensive safety net it things go wrong.
Another piece of advice is to use 1st Internationals background check service. The money spent is very insignificant compared to the piece of mind that the results will give you. If nothing else you must remember that the jobs in many of these countries do not translate directly into comparable jobs in America. A background check will go far to clarify a great deal of information for you and possibly avoid misunderstandings.
To make a very long story shorter a connection was made, we fell in love and got married. None of our happiness could have happened without the multitude of services that you can find on the website. I discovered with the help of some academic friends that I have and some Russian immigrants who live in my area that when I was using their translation services, not only were they translating my words but also what I intended to say. They successfully imparted the complex ideas and the very ‘flavor’ of what I was trying to convey to Alena. This is a very difficult thing to do but they were successful every time.
Another service that they provided was that of flower delivery service. The various partner agencies that they used were of the highest caliber, very expedient, professional and meticulous in every detail. They even called Alena in advance to coordinate a suitable delivery time for the flowers. This was an extra step that totally surprised me and shows all the little ‘extras’ that are provided to 1st International customers. I sent flowers to Alena on both Valentines Day and on Womens Day. That is another thing that I want to thank 1st International for – if you think American women get upset if you don’t send flowers for Valentines Day just miss sending flowers for Womens Day in the ex-Soviet Union countries and watch the result. 1st International helped me successfully avoid this cultural mistake!
Beginning a relationship with someone you have never met before is a very daunting undertaking. It requires a great deal of patience and understanding by both of the people involved. Love is the universal language but it doesn’t order the correct beverage for your woman in a restaurant. You must be willing to learn at the same time your woman is learning. One other thing that is required – trust. You have to be able to trust the agency that you are using and what they tell you. In my experience 1st International and the people that staff its offices are worthy of your trust. I am a most skeptical customer regardless of what is being sold and I don’t give my trust or my recommendation easily but 1st International has them both.
One more thing – what is the quality of the women on their website, the services that they offer? My final answer – Alena and I were married on August 28, 2002. Our first child, a boy, is due to arrive on June 27, 2003! I’d say the quality is first rate!
If anyone wishes any additional information all they have to do is write.
One Very Happy Customer.
B. O’Neil
New Orleans, La


Met on our site:

I would like to go on record as saying that 1st-international is the best agency around for the meeting of foreign woman.  They never forget you as just another client and alwats give personal attention when needed.  they also have the best prices around.  So if you are truly serious about meeting a foreign girl then turn to this agency.  I can not recommend them any more highly,
Henry D.

 *** year ago today i bought an address from you for $10 for a russian woman who i thought would be perfect for me. well... we got married last week and we are now together in san francisco. thank you for your great service!!!

gavin coombs
san francisco


 In 2003 I met a wonderful Russian woman through 1st-international's gentlemen profiles service. I visited her in St Petersburg and we fell in love. Later, she moved in with me in Sweden with her daughter. We would never had met without 1st-international. Thank you so much."

(I prefer to post this anonymously)



... am a large fan of your agency, and please do not forget that.  It is a great service you and your company runs.

So I thank you for that

 S John Massoud


This is truly very special feedback for us:


It is official!!!! IT’S A BOY!!!!!
Alena and I agreed some time ago that if it was a girl the name would reflect her Ukrainian-Russian heritage but if it were a boy the name would reflect his Irish heritage… so I want to introduce everyone to Sean Connor O’Neil. A child that will have a very American ethnic background: (in no particular order) Irish – German – American Indian – Ukrainian – Russian! Now that is a mix you will only find in AmericaJ!
Life Is Very Good!
Father: Bryan H. O’Neil
Mother: Alena Bannova O’Neil
Baby: Sean Connor O’Neil
Expectant Due Date: June 26, 2003
Special Thanks go to:
All my friends and family for their support
Victor and Oksana for Alena
But a very special thanks to Gregory for all his patience and assistance! You and your people are angels.
Bryan O'Neil
Interactive Program Project Support Leader
Well Control School
Harvey, La


Art and the staff at,
As you requested, here is a very concise letter on my experiences with your agency and my meeting with a Belarusian Woman. After many heartbreaks and a divorce, I felt I had taken all I could with the culture of the “Modern American Woman.” I had lived in Europe previously and knew that Russian Woman had a different outlook on life. With this in mind, I began my search. I “found” Alena in December of 2001 and ordered her address. I must admit, I was a bit skeptical however; I had nothing to lose so I ordered her address and wrote her a letter. To my surprise, she responded very quickly and positively to my letter and pictures!! That was the beginning of an 8 month letter relationship. On August 2nd, 2002, I flew to Minsk to meet her. To say that I was nervous would be a huge understatement! I know this sounds silly, even amazes me to this day however, Alena was at the airport to meet me and it was love at first sight for both of us! She even brought her brother, Alexander, with her! I had talked to him several times prior to my arrival. Everything went well, no problems with customs or registering with the local authorities. Alena arranged a wonderful apartment for us and I went on to enjoy Minsk, the customs, food, and the wonder and beauty of Alena and the “Modern Russian Woman”. What a breath of fresh air! Needless to say, I brought an engagement ring and proposed. She said yes!! I met all her family, they absolutely loved me and I love them very much! Belarusian people have the biggest hearts and I appreciate their deep sense of sincerity. I am enclosing two of my most cherished photos of Alena and I. They were taken on an island called “The Island of Many Tears”; don’t we make a beautiful couple? I cannot thank you and the staff of 1st enough! Not only did I have the best time of my life however, because of 1st international and their dedicated and professional staff, I have found love again!! Marriage pictures to follow very soon!

M. Adam Solano
President/Owner; Carolina Coverage

P.S. Feel free to offer my e-mail to those that have not yet experienced this wonderful, life-changing event. Having “been there and done that”, so to speak, I can offer some valuable advice!



I am sure you will not remember me but about 12 months ago I purchased the email address off your website for a lady in Russia. I just wanted to send you a thank you email to let you know that Natasha and I are now engaged to be married. We will be getting married in Australia in January 2004. we have met face to face on several occasions, the first time in Thailand and the second time when Natasha came to Australia for a month over Christmas and new year this year.
At present I am very busy finalising the visa documents but if you would like I would be only too happy to write a letter of commendation to your company for the happiness you have brought to our lives.
Perhaps you have many marriages, I do no know, but once again I will say many thanks for providing the means for us to meet and all the additional services you offer.



I would like to thank you for the efficiency of your site. I had sent my profile on your site. And for some weeks, I met the woman of my life. We got married in Paris, 20 days ago! My wife Venera and I let us send all our  thanks to your team.

Philippe, Paris 17e, FRANCE



The service you provide is absolutely first class at a very good price.

The photograph was extremely valuable.

I was hoping to meet this lady in Odessa. The photograph showed that it is the same woman that I met on a dating-agency web site. Whether that is a good thing or bad thing is not important.

Thank you very much.

Again, for the modest cost of flower delivery and photograph, your service is almost priceless.

yours sincerely
<I wish to remain anonymous. Please do not use my name. >


Dear Art,

Thanks for the test email. You will find below the letter for Tatyana Lukashevich. Please forward it to Greg.
By the way, you have the best site on the Internet. I have recommended your agency to several of my friends, and they have all been very satisfied with your high degree of professionalism! Please keep up the good work.

Paul Agemerien


 Dear Mr. Yarmosh,

special thanks for your fast work and answer! This is not always normal!

thanks, thanks


Dear 1st International:

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for your service and for your assistance in finding my true destiny. With your well-organized and up-to-date database, my one and only real love has found me. I feel that it is my obligation to inform you about my current status. Therefore, I would like to request a removal of the following profiles from your database: <removed for privacy reasons>


Good Holiday to you folks.
You offer a wonderful service.
God Bless You,
ed jones


 Dear Art,

I want to take this time to thank you and your staff for the most exceptional service you have given to me. 

From the onset, I must say that I was a bit leary of the adventure of seeking a Russian Bride, but you have certainly made for me an exceptional  journey in my life.  Your honest advise from the beginning has proven to be very true.  From the consultation of the letter preparation, translation services, visa travel necessities, hotel planning, and certainly your staff in Moscow has been far more than I expected.  The careful arrangements of
your personnal assistant, Lena, in Moscow, having my interests first above all, has made for a very personnal, exciting, adventureous, and rewarding time in my life. I want to thank her once again for everything.

After meeting many ladies with your help, I will now travel to Europe to visit with the one woman who appears to meet all of my expections.

Once again, many thanks to you and your staff.




I am an American living in Ukraine teaching English. I am more than happy to keep you posted on what is happening here if you like. Other introduction services cost $1000's, while yours may prove very effective. I am more than happy to show my appreciation in any way I can. Mark


thanks again, and I love your service, I was just in Moscow and can't wait to go back feel free to use me as a good reference if anyone wants one




Met on our site:


HI Art
I wanted to let you know that My trip to Moscow was wonderful > Marina and I are making plans to be together . I am very lucky because she took the letter that was addressed to Olga thinking it was really for her . Marina <removed for privacy reasons> also received a letter address Olga . I can bet that some of the women that I wanted to talk to saw these ltters addressed Olga and threw me in the trash . Thank God Marina did not  . I wonder if Irina <removed for privacy reasons> received letter addressed Olga . Well anyway Marina and I will be together in June
Thank you Art



Hello Art,
I wanted to give you testmonial of my trip.  I first of all wanted to say thank you again.  The trip exceeded all my expectations.  I met some of the most beautiful women of my life in a short time frame.  I met a real nice lady and I correspond with her almost daily.  I have also told all my single male friends about my trip to Moscow.
Thank you,


I have spent more than $40.00 to send a letter that one of your largest competitors said would take up to 3-weeks and had no guarentee of delivery.  I tried Fed Ex, and they wanted $75.00 for 4-day service.  I tried another competitor and they send me addresses that were no longer valid, and haven't returned any of my emails.  I was beginning to feel "scammed".

I tried your site.  I noticed was that you gave me the your (CEO) personal number, and when I called it, you answered the phone.  That inspired confidence.  I noticed that you had increadible advice and help available, including very low cast solutions to contact, like 2 - 5 days for $3 - $4.  You deliver gifts reasonably, and have an office or something on Rissia so that you can expidite delivery times and security.  You have a very inexpensive way to allow the girl to write back to me quickly at no expense to her.  I love this!
If all that wasn't enough. you allowed me to post my own site for the girls to see, at NO COST, when your competitors charge over $100.  ANd then, it seemed like you had the best looking girls and supplied as much or more info about them as anyone.  Your girls are georgeous and your site is fast.  I got the addresses I ordered within 5 minuts in my email box.
I just want to say thanks.  I can communicate with ladies and not go broke.  That's not true with your competitors.  I spend several days going over sites and have looked at over 10,000 women.  Your site shines out above them all by a mile.
Thanks so much.
Collins Bradford


Thank you for your polite, comprehensive and informative response. I have printed it for future study and use. anthony


Iam writing to say that 1st international dating is an honest dating service, I have found the love of my life in the Ukraine she is now my wife she is the warmest most honest lady I have had the pleasure of knowing in my life. Thank you 1st international dating
Dear CEO,
During the last couple days I've been communicating with your Customer Communication and Security Manager, Gregory Yarmosh. First for information purposes only, and later for a small issue related to my contact order.
In both cases I received a very clear and professional customer service from Mr. Yarmosh. In today's business environment, any competitor can offer the same product with the same excellent quality, but the one that makes the difference is the quality of your customer service.
I am a businessman my self, so I have a good idea of what it cost to your business, regardless of all you can invest in it, not having a good company representative in contact with the one who will dictate your success: The customer.
Thank you for your attention, and allow me to congratulate you too for your excellent site. I am already very pleased with the sense of secure site, excellent information and services from 1st-International.
Marcos Pagan 


Hello Evgenia,
My name is Owen, from England. I have just read your passage reference scammers. Thankfully I was on my guard and didn't fall for anything that you mentioned. I was propositioned for money a few months back by a 29 year old woman wanting money for translation fees, and another wanting money for visa fees. Thankfully I smelled a rat, quizzed them and noticed how they lost interest very quickly. I wasn't too sure at first why or what had happened to them, but I thought they must have lost interest. After coming across your passage, I now know why, and feel quite shocked that people can prey on another human beings feelings like that!!! I wouldn't dream of sending money to some one I'd never met, but I'm sure there are many poor unsuspecting souls out there that do.
Anyway, thanks again for your warnings.
Best regards.


will like to thanks all the team lf 1st-international... the tour to ukraine was fantastic and in ther I find the love of my life and we are getting married in 2 month ...  I have been in a lot of web site and this is the best and more complete ... dont lose your time and money in other ... this is the one and only  way to find the right one thanks again


MBA Emilio Ruben Buelna Loustaunau

Ecole Superiore de Commerce De Rennes



You can use this time,s meeting whitchever as a tesimonial. It has been a true successful evidence.
They has agreed to get married in August unless any unexpected bad conditions will occur.

Yuuji Yoshida


I love your website. I hope it helps in putting an end to scammers. I've been serching for that special girl on the internet for about 3 months and three girls have tried to scam me already. They didn't scam me because I have read websites like yours.



Hello friends,
My name is Liya, am russian Lady and I wanna be your new client. May i spend a few minutes your attention? Thanks!
A few hours ago I accidentally found details about your service in Internet. I am inspired, it is so interesting for me. The useful information, style of design, good catalogue pleasant males's faces... Bravo! Professional and
qualitative work!


Hello Gregory,
Yes, I found my husband through one of dating web-sites, but not through yours, however. Actually, this happened after 6-7 years of unsuccessful searching ( the reason to become pessimist, isn't it? ). And I was really ready to give up when miracle happened. So, my story could be sure used for encouraging people who feel desperate and disappointed because of one-two matching failures. Internet search is not much easier than searching for partner in real life. Everybody is looking for his/her "one-and-only" and it would be silly to think that you might easily recognize your "Mr/Ms.Right" between thousands people, surfing virtual space in their partner search. So, I would really wish to say everybody: don't give up, continue your search! Yes, it is difficult to find something specific, but while you are looking - you have a hope to find. If you stop - you would lose your last hope. Success is somewhere there, waiting for people who are ready to fight for their happiness. We just have to be patient. And persistent. And never give up! Good luck to everybody!


You have a great site. The women on this site are beautiful, and I am sure are nice ladies. I wrote one lady for a year and a half, then made a trip to Vologda, to meet her and her family. She decided to stay with her family, for which I don\'t blame her they are nice people. I just hope to find one who is serious about being happy. Thankyou, for your care.


I have spent about the last 2 hours browsing through pictures and profiles and I must say you have compiled an amazing group of some of the most beautiful women I've seen.  I have no idea how I would even begin to choose.  I just thought you might like some positive feedback. Have a great day, and keep up the great work.


I wish to express my thans for the great regular e-mail mailouts that come about once a week.  Keep up the great work try and send more.
                         Always a good day when I get your E-mail
                                        Thanks Very Much
                                                David from Canada


I am very pleased with the service I have received.  After a slight glitch and week-long delay, due to your third party address supplier, I have been able to send out my first correspondence.  The glitch caused me much frustration, but Gregory was excellent about following up and staying in continual contact woth me until we had the problem cleared up.  He is a great asset to your company.  I will continue to use your service in the future, knowing that I can rely on your attentiveness to making situations right.


Hi Art:

I don't know if you remember me as you probably talk to many people regarding the service you provide but you and I talked last fall at which time you provided me with names of several women in Russia and Ukraine. I contacted several of them and ended up communicating with a lady in Dnepropetvorsk, Ukraine. After several months of communicating with her I went to see her in March. Unfortunately, things did not work out for us but
I had a great experience seeing another culture and another part of the world.

People in Ukraine treated me very very special! They invited me into their homes, cooked special meals for me and showed me a wonderful time. It was truly a great experience for me. Even though things are different in Ukraine then in the US, I went over there with an open mind and had a great time.

I want to tell you that your web site and all the information on it is the BEST site on the web to locate women in Russia and Eastern Europe! The web site is very easy to maneuver on. The information you provided me with was also very useful.

I have found several new women on your web site that I would like to communicate with. I will call you this week and hopefully we will have the opportunity to talk.




 Thank you very much for your excellent service : very quick and very professional !
Gerry De Rop


Have I congrdulated you before on your professional attitute and reliability? Well here it is one more time, Thanks Gregory and althe best to you and your loved ones

Savvas Stavrinos


Well done. Possibly the fastest loading and most attractive ladies I have seen on the web. Great photos.
Regards, Alan--Australia.



I think that may be a good idea as the last two orders I made were by credit card and it seems to be the way to go. In the future I will make all my orders via credit card so you can destroy the cheque. Furthermore I would like to thank you for your professionalism in getting back to me.
I am sure that I will keep in touch especially when I decide to pay a visit to either Russia or the Ukraine. In the meantime I will correspond with the ladies via mail and when I feel I have a good feeling about a number of them I will fly to their country to meet them. I'm sure this will be the determinant factor in finding the right person. BTW do you have any information on people who have made the journey overseas to meet someone? Is it a simple process?

Once again than you for getting back and for providing what I feel is a great service.




Thank you for your article about foreign brides. I was almost taken in buy one of these types of scams. Dating services do not come with warning labels but your article should be posted on every internet dating site. Sincerely Peter



Thank you for your letter,and for your business,i do appreciate your  services and thaught i'd take the time to thank you!

Sincerely yours,Eucky!!!

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